Why Become A Hosted Buyer ?

Attending as a Hosted Buyer will afford you a variety of benefits that will elevate your experience. Enjoy exclusive aspects of the trade show, tailored meetings, complimentary accomodation and travel and more.


Key Benefits for Hosted Buyer

Travel and Accommodation
Complimentary flights, transfers, 4/5* accommodations, refreshments, and lunch.

Tailored Appointment Schedule
Personalised diary which include B2B appointments, Exhibition Program, and Panel Sessions.

B2B Meetings
B2B meetings with exhibitors in well-organized B2B Meeting Area.

Conference / Panel Discussions
Free participation in panel sessions covering valuable industry insights and the latest trends.

Exclusive Events
Free participation in Gala Dinner and Cocktail Party, blended with the beauty of the evening of Antalya.

Facility Visits
Facility Visits presents a good opportunity to increase the visibility of the Turkish Tourism Industry and solidify relationships between buyers and suppliers.